Greensboro's BEST Burgers!
Two locations

3750-A Battleground Avenue - (336) 617-3777
510 A Nicholas Rd. - (336) 541-8861

Greensboro, NC
Sunday - Thursday 11 am to 9 pm
Friday  & Saturday 11 am to 10 pm
"This place was a pleasant surprise.
I was worried when I saw it shared a building with a gas station, but my fears were unnecessary. Burgers were great,
and filling for such low prices. Their
variety is impressive. Next time I will be trying the fries.
The staff were friendly and the atmosphere was fun. Highly recommended."
Mr. K
  "Everyone needs to visit this fantastic mom and pop style burger spot. If you looking for a homemade burger (from Traditional Burger to a Mediterranean Burger to a Pimento Cheese Burger) this is the place to go. Eat your heart out Greensboro... WOW!!"

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"This place is not just for meat eaters. I'm a vegetarian and can vouch for their homemade black bean patty. It's the best in Greensboro. Even if you eat meat, take a break for once and try out the black bean burger."
Andrew B.

"Hands down best burgers in town!"
Gene P.
Big Burger Spot Selected “Best of the Triad”


Our outdoor seating features a beautiful mural, Burger Spot Pet City, displaying portraits of peoples’ pets – even those who have passed away, marked with a halo over their furry heads. For $60 Greensboro College student Jessica Oddono will paint a portrait of

your pet from a submitted photograph.  Twenty-five dollars of that amount will be donated to Red Dog Farm Animal Rescue Network in Greensboro.  
How many times have the
foodies been asked,
“where do I get a good burger?”

love local food

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Our signature product is the BURGER, beautiful tucked into a brioche bun that’s been polished with melted butter and piled high with your choice of great toppings. It’s a classic combination well executed.  Offered in three sizes, the “almost big”, "BIG" and for the very hungry the “COLOSSAL BURGER.”

As for our fries, they come with cheese, bacon cheddar, chili  cheese, bacon ranch, loaded nacho, pesto garlic aioli, aged parmesan garlic, black & blue and… wait for it … white truffle fries. There is absolutely no way you can turn down a basket full of Big Burger Spot fries!
Also featuring sweet potato waffle fries and onion rings!

Signature dipping sauces include: Ranch, blue cheese, honey mustard, siriacha ketchup, BS Sauce, pesto mayo, Jerk BBQ and our signature SPICY onion ring dip {also great on fries} !

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Big Burger Spot

Big Burger Spot
in the News 2 Kitchen
  Our State Magazine put together a list of 70 great places in the state to stop and eat ...
Big Burger Spot
made the list!

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